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tree of life wall art rustic steel decor

Tree of Life Torched steel wall art decor

Heavy 14 Gauge steel metal cut from our computer plasma cutter. This means that the metal is about as thick as a nickel (1/8th inch thick). 


Approximately 16". If you are wanting larger, please message us for quote.


This is thick, heavy, and durable cold rolled steel.  Made in the USA in my shop with plasma steel cutter. 


Evoking the ethereal beauty of a mystical forest bathed in moonlight, this round steel Tree of Life wall art is a captivating statement piece for any home. Perfect decor item for wall, shelf, mantle. Intricate cutting of tree, leaves and roots of this metal wall art.

Handcrafted from 14-gauge steel, this tree of life wall art is a testament to artisanal skill and precision. The heavy burnished finish gives the steel a unique depth and texture, while the fine sanding creates a smooth and elegant surface.


The tree's branches and leaves are intricately cut with a plasma torch, creating a mesmerizing web of silhouetted forms. The purple and blue hues, expertly applied with a torch, add a touch of otherworldly magic to the piece.


This Tree of Life wall art is not just a decoration; it's a symbol of strength, resilience, and interconnectedness. It's a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is always hope and beauty to be found.


Whether you're looking for a unique conversation starter or a meaningful addition to your home décor, this Tree of Life wall art is sure to make a lasting impression.


Features:                                                                                              Benefits:

Handcrafted from 14-gauge steel                                       Unique and eye-catching
Heavy burnished finish with fine sanding                        Durable and long-lasting
Plasma-cut tree of life design                                                Adds magical touch to home
Purple, blue, gold  torch-applied hues                               Symbolizes strength, resilience, and interconnectedness

There are many steps involved in creating your custom artwork. We hand sand the metal, torch aka blu the metal, then spray your metal art with clear ceramic coating for durability.


Reflections and coloring will vary with the amount of lighting within the room or focused upon the artwork such as in a foyer or living room with a light pointing up toward or downward onto the artwork.


Use 2 small nails to hang.

SPECIAL NOTE: I make custom designs. If you have an idea or modification, please let me know and we can discuss :)


Since this is hand crafted, no 2 will be exactly alike however similar in nature. We do our very best to get as much dross, molten metal bits (from the sign making process) off the sign by sanding. Rarely, there may be fine sighted imperfections within the metal which makes your piece a one of a kind. Metal, including ours have edges, so handle appropriately. As we do not know in what conditions you will be placing your art, no warranties are implied but if damaged during usps priority shipping, we will help you should you need assistance filing a claim with the post office.

    $79.83 Regular Price
    $67.86Sale Price
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